Dove Essence - $16.00

Doves medicine is eternal unwavering love. They sing their song as a prayer for love, union and family.

Eagle Essence - $26.00

Eagle is a sun-bird which represents ascension, freedom and spiritual power.

Flicker Essence - $26.00

You are as powerful as your capacity to perceive, receive, and use your abilities.

Hawk Essence - $26.00

Hawk is a messenger and helps one achieve stronger observation of your surroundings.

Pelican Essence - $16.00

Pelican offers healing through its ability to self-care through water ritual and community.

Hummingbird Essence - $16.00

Hummingbird's wings vibrate to the highest frequency of ecstatic joy. They fuel themselves on life's sweetness.

Raven Essence - $26.00

Raven is the gateway to the supernatural. Keeper of the mysteries of the sacred law.

Owl Essence - $26.00

Owl has the ability to illuminate darkness, all that is hidden, truth bearer.

Seagull Essence - $26.00

Seagulls represent freedom and a carefree nature, they are adaptable and are survivors.