The term "Two-Spirit” (meaning we embody both male and female spirits) was adopted by Indigenous Native American people in the early 1990’s as an all-inclusive term for Native “homosexual”, “gay”, “lesbian”, “bi-sexual, “transsexual” and “intersex” people.

At one time in Native American history, Two Spirit people were highly valued as medicine keepers and seers of our tribes. We held many revered religious roles as healers, shamans, visionaries, and chiefs.

I am a 2Spirit/ Yurok/ Karuk/ Chimariko/Sasquatch/Northern European mix heritage- medicine woman. We live in the lush Pacific Northwest—Chinook & Western Klickitat first nations territory ( aka Battle Ground ). Our local sacred Mountain is Lavelatla in Cowlitz, meaning ‘Smoking Mountain’, Loowitlarkla in Puyallup meaning “Lady of Fire”, Si Yeti, meaning ‘woman’ in Yakima and Louwala-Clough in Klickitat— her colonized name is Mt. Saint Helens. She is still an active volcano and it feels really powerful to live in her realm. I moved here in the Summer of 2017 with my beautiful wife Rhae, and my Mom (Linda). My Mom passed away in Dec. 2017 and her spirit is part of everything I do. We live on this land with our 2 dogs, 2 cats and 8 chickens surrounded by giant Doug Firs, Western Red Cedars, Sequoia, Ponderosa pine, Oregon Ash, Red Alder, Poplar, Apple, Pear and Plum trees, Horsetail, Black berries, Skunk Cabbage, Ferns, Wild Strawberries & Roses, Burdock, Hawks, Eagles, Herons, with a pond & creek that runs through our land. I just planted a bunch of Elder Berry cuttings. I hope to have some of delicious syrup to add to our offerings down the road. Moving away from the city was the most profound thing I could do for myself. I was having hearing problems with all the noise of the city but now I can hear the quiet flutter of hummingbird wings 30 ft away and the whispers of my ancestors. I built a little medicine hut that looks like a little barn that I use as my makers space. I rarely leave the house now, nor do I rarely get out of my sweat pants for that matter! My poor wife! I am just so eternally grateful to be here living the dream!

I have worked retail for a couple decades and own an herb shop called Clary Sage Herbarium in Portland, OR. I have been witness to so many spiritual imbalances within our rapidly changing climate. The constant barrage of racism, colonialism, homophobia, bullying, all the social media bombardment, and the ever present patriarchal oppression has been manifesting in spiritual illnesses like physical empaths, anxiety, addiction, depression, apathy, and sexual & domestic trauma. As uncomfortable as all of this feels- I do believe this era is a call to awaken all that was hidden ( Owl medicine, anyone? ). We have a lot of work to do and it starts within.

The earth elements that are around us-plants, trees, crystals, and water-are our sacred spiritual allies. They want to help us navigate this evolving terrain. The formulas in the Two Spirit Medicinal’s line are spiritually crafted to restore the connection between body and spirit in these challenging times. I am the hands for spirit. I do not create these medicines but rather listen to instructions from spirit of what plants, trees, feathered friends and stones want to be of service.

We do most of our making / blending on magically significant days, using only organic & ethically wild-crafted herbs, flower and gem essences to achieve the energetic spiritual nature of our potent drop dosage formulas.

We hope you enjoy connecting with our medicine as much as we enjoy creating them (meaning spirit and I)!

— Yôotva, Laurie Lava-Books

Karuk Tribal Member #D00973