Seagull Feather Essence


Seagull Feather Essence

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Seagulls represent freedom and have a carefree nature. They are adaptable creatures and are survivors. Seagull medicine can be helpful for those who are stuck in a rut and are too timid or ridged to take advantage of opportunities open to them; whether that be to play hooky from work, move to another town, be the first one to start a mosh pit, quit that job you hate and start that business you have dreamed about, be the first one on the dance floor, eat that last piece of cake, you get the idea. They are risk takers and don’t worry too much because they know how to balance life with a good amount of work and play.

Contains:Brandy, Spring Water, Feather Essence.

All essences can be made alcohol free! with organic palm-free glycerin at no charge.

Dosage: 2-3 drop dosage

*Our Feather essences only contain the energetics of birds. No birds were harmed in any way to make these essences.


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