Pelican Feather Essence


Pelican Feather Essence

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Pelican offers healing through its ability to self-care through water ritual and community.

Pelican finds this by spending most of its time living within the realm of salt water, sunshine and community. Rarely will you find Pelican alone. You will find them fishing together and preening together. Besides the obvious safety in numbers—Pelican believes in community spirit and how important it is to work together to achieve common goals.

Pelican also offers its medicine of healing through self-care. Salt water is purifying physically and spiritually.

Contains: Brandy, Spring Water, Feather Essence.

All essences can be made alcohol free! with organic palm-free glycerin at no charge.

Dosage: 2-3 drop dosage

*Our Feather essences only contain the energetics of birds. No birds were harmed in any way to make these essences.


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