I wanted to let you know that when I opened the package that the medicines arrived in ( restoring the sacred hoop and protective and clearing) I got goose bumps and I cried. I could feel sprit, the heart, your listening and gifts. I am curentally studying to be a naturopathic physician , and have studied herbalism in the “ wise woman tradition” for many years... So I know when I see it... Thank you for walking with such integrity and heart. I hope to get to meet you in the coming years. Sincerely,
-Ann Hackney (WA)

Feather Essences:

I swore to myself I would not end this day without, at long last, writing to let you know how very special I feel the feather essences and protection and popular oils are. Since purchasing them, I have been working with them nearly everyday, in one way or another, and find them to be unique inspiring and supportive allies in personal growth and transformational processes. I know I told you that even opening the box with my order was a special, elevating and enhancing experience, the essence of your own connections and care beaming from the box and all the beautiful attending to details that were clearly present therein. 

-Dr. Carol Viera (MA)

Earth Centered:

Momentary flash of brilliance! 
I've been having a hard time emotionally the last couple of days. I feel like part of it is the veil being so thin and part of it is fiercely missing the people and animals in my life who have passed. I took a hot bath last night which helped in the moment, but I needed something more. Then I remembered this tincture from @twospiritmedicinals! It is called Earth Centered, and it is anchored support for when you feel ungrounded. I can't believe it took me so long to remember I had this! I took some last night before bed, and some again this morning. I am already feeling better. My feet are underneath me again. I'm still grieving, but I don't feel awash in all the shifting energies that this time of year brings. Thank you so much Two Spirit Medicinals for sharing your healing wisdom. 🖤

-Bee.in.Awe (Portland, OR)

I cannot say enough about this magic medicine. 
In past years I have chugged St. John’s Wort to survive the winter blues- however this year I came across Two Spirit Medicinals. 

I can define it simply as Liquid Sunshine, vibrational CPR, or a full system reboot. 
If you are feeling pulled by the moon, your life, the cold and the dark... do yourself a favor - Go grab some REAL medicine.
@twospiritmedicinals .
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Lightness of Being:

“This medicine feel different than the other tinctures I have tried in this line. Those medicines felt firmly rooted to the earth this one feels like Spirit Medicine? It is light and ethereal..even the taste is gentle. I will be using this tincture throughout the fall and winter, so it will be a long term exploration.”

-Bee.in.Awe (Portland, OR)

“I have taken the tincture every day since I got it last month. It was transformative. It took me through a dark night of the soul, in a way that cast out all that was not for me. Like removing a clouded filter, it's a room maker. It confronts your fears and doubts and prompts mindful release.  Renewed perspective.  I am on the end of it and plan to go back to Clary Sage to get another tincture that calls out to me. The affirmation is my soundtrack, especially on these sunshine days (I am illuminated by the sun's golden light that cast away all fear and doubt). I'm now at a place ready to dedicate myself to this similar work. So thankful for all the healing your tincture hand held me through and the words inside my heart. Powerful medicine. Thank you so so so much.”

-Cara (Portland, OR)

Protective & Clearing:

“I've been taking a new tincture from @twospiritmedicinals for the past three days. Previously I was taking Serenity Now which is grounded support in times of acute anxiety. After a couple weeks of using the tincture, I felt like my anxiety was much more manageable and wasn't nearly as overwhelming. I moved to Protective & Clearing which is support for healers and empaths. The incantation on the bottle reads, "My boundaries are clear, strong, and unburdened by other's energy." I highly recommend this tincture for the teachers, nurses, and counselors that you know. When I take it I feel more firmly rooted, and less susceptible to the energies of everyone I interact with. It makes me feel like my heart is protected and safe guarded (As a Cancer, I really appreciate this! ) This tincture seems more preventative as opposed to Serenity Now which I was taking in response to anxiety in the moment. In my opinion, Protective & Clearing is a good way to bolster yourself if you are stepping into a classroom, a meeting, or an emotionally charged gathering. I highly recommend it! You can pick up a bottle at @clarysageherbarium

-Bee.in.Awe (Portland, OR)

Restoring the Sacred Hoop:

“I also wanted to let you know that I have begun to work with your Restoring the Sacred Hoop tincture. I've had lovely, healing experiences during my dreamtime and waking life with the suggested dose of 6 drops. It is wonderful and I trust it will help many people in the future.”

-Michelle (Portland, OR)

Serenity Now:

“As an event producer I encounter a lot of stress in short burst before my events. Serenity Now provides an experience of feeling grounded and clear when my head is buzzing.”

-Mikka (San Francisco, CA)

“Serenity Now provides relief with my ‘race brain’, great alternative to marijuana & other sedatives.”

-Ty (Portland, OR)

“Anxiety is a weird and difficult state to live in. Nothing has helped me feel calm and remain myself, totally in control, like Serenity Now. I can’t recommend it more highly.”

-Maggie McCloskey (Portland, OR)

“I have had anxiety disorders for years and tried so many things including meds, and nothing ever works. For some reason this particular mix seems to really work for me. It is like a miracle!”

-Stacy Thomas (Canada)

“Serenity Now has helped my daily anxiety more than anything else I’ve tried. I use it during the day for stress, and recently used it for insomnia, too!”

-Emma (Portland, OR)

“I first used Serenity Now when I was playing a show and was so nervous I could barely function at my job. This tincture helped me feel calm, relaxed, and clear. It slowed down my anxious heart and I was able to focus and play well. Thank you so much for making this amazing tincture!”

-Nina Ingram (Portland, OR)

“If you need a little extra help with stress and anxiety sometimes, I highly recommend Serenity Now by @twospiritmedicinals. The soul who makes them is a 2Spirit mixed blood Medicine Woman, and let me tell you that her medicine is GROUNDING!!!! You only need 1 to 2 drops at a time and you can feel it immediately. I get a little buzz under my tongue and then there is a direct energetic shift as I use the incantation/intention/mantra on the back of the bottle: I hold space for the calm harbor within.

If you are local to Portland you can pick up a vial at @clarysageherbarium. I find myself incredibly grateful to, and humbled by, the sage souls who use their wisdom, craft, and magick to do healing work for others.  

-Bee.in.Awe (Portland, OR)

“I purchased Two Spirit Medicinals teas from your shop when I was visiting Portland at the beginning of July.  I LOVE them! It's rare to find pure herbal healing teas that taste so smooth and delicious. I'm wondering if it is possible to purchase them online.  I saw the website is "coming soon" so wondering if I can purchase them through your shop. Here are the four I would like to purchase again, but I want to try them all! Earth Centered, Serenity Now, Lightness of Being, and Emotional Heart Ally. Thank you.”

-Jessica (Santa Cruz, CA)