Makers Special : Balsam Poplar Oil

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Makers Special : Balsam Poplar Oil

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Delicious sweet smelling Poplar oil. Poplar contains salicin which is an analgesic. Used for pain. Spiritually poplar is used to nullify energetic toxins and has protective qualities.

Poplars teach us to be:

~Deeply Grounding and Spiritual.
~share joy.
~Encourage openness and compassion.
~Kindness to resolve. Letting go.
~How to help us root when one has a hard time finding home.
~Protects us in the sense that toxic things cannot thrive around us.
~To be strong in Stature.

Wild harvested Poplar buds infused in olive oil.

Makers Specials are limited edition small batch magickal medicine. Inspired by creative forces/short limited sourcing. Likely, once we sell out they will not be offered again.

Not available for wholesale.

1oz - $16.00
2oz - $28.00

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