Makers Special : Protective Shield Oil

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Makers Special : Protective Shield Oil

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Body oil designed to protect you from unwanted negative influences, and to help you have stronger boundaries- but loving at the same time.

This formula turned out to be everything but the kitchen sink! haha! I knew what I wanted to make but all the plant spirits I had on our land or in my apothecary wanted to help! This was a super plant collective that wants to be of service to help us become the best person we can be! That is having proper boundaries and also shedding the energetic icky stuff that isn’t ours. Or if it is ours and it’s toxic, this oil can help nullify it. I feel like when we leave the house we are like an energy snow ball; as we roll we are collecting leaves, cigarette butts, gum, trash,. you get the picture. Eww. 

Let’s look at Rose- she is beautiful and alluring and smells so good—she is everything love—but yet she has strong boundaries with her piercing thorns. We all know how to approach Rose gently, right? Rose loves with boundaries.

Cedar, Sage, Mugwort, Hawthorn Leaf & Flower, Yarrow, Rosemary, Lavender, Rose Petals, Palo Santo ash & wood, Usnea infused in Olive Oil. Essential oils of Tulsi, Mugwort, Palo Santo.

Made during New Moon.

Makers Specials are limited edition small batch magickal medicine. Inspired by creative forces/short limited sourcing. Likely, once we sell out they will not be offered again.

Not available for wholesale.

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