Doug Fir and Western Red Cedar Bundles


Doug Fir and Western Red Cedar Bundles

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Doug Fir and Western Red Cedar are both indigenous trees to the PNW. We make these bundles from fallen branches after storms from our land.

Doug fir and Cedar are both burned ceremonially to cleanse yourself, other persons or space that needs clearing of negative energies and need of protection.

Smells like a yummy campfire when burned.

How to use:

Light the end over a candle or a lighter until a strong ember forms. Use a bowl, shell or a plate to carry under your burning bundle. Wave your hand, feather or fan to move the smoke to the direction of where you would like the medicine smoke to go. Open some windows so the negative energy and or bad spirits have a place to escape. Use strong intentions and speak out loud or silently what you are asking. When done, you can snuff out remaining smudge bundle in some sand, dirt, wet grass, or run under some water (dry out before storing again) and use again. Most bundles-depending on size can be used numerous times.

Warning: This is a flammable product. Please use this safely with a fire proof bowl under it.


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